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Bleed Blue

So the weather is finally warming up as is the race to the finals in World Cup Cricket! This weekend we have the India vs Zimbabwe match and instead of holding on to the edge of my seat and praying for India to win, I am looking forward to putting up my feet and... read more

The Big Diwali Reveal

I am obviously excited about Diwali and I hope you are counting down to it as well!  I am planning the menu for my Diwali party next week and like every year, it will feature my special coconut fudge. It is such a big hit among both adults and kids that I have not... read more

OUT for a DUCK in the West Indies!

Growing up in India where cricket is somewhat a religion, the image that would come to my mind if you mentioned West Indies was that of Kallicharan, Viv Richards, Malcolm Marshall, Brian Lara and several other Gods of cricket. Little did I know back then that I would... read more

Cooking, Not Shopping, for Diwali!

                If I could have one wish for Diwali, it would be to spend the holiday with everyone I love around the world. Since that’s not physically possible, the second best thing would be to spend lots of time preparing my... read more


                      Firing up the grill this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day? Try a new recipe, be creative and impress your friends and family with my spiced up grilled naan pizza flavored with topped with... read more

The Versatile Corn

Celebrate summer with corn’s delicious goodness and treat to be enjoyed at any meal. The versatile sweet corn can be used in everything from simple corn on the cob, corn cocktails, salads, corn bread, grits, salsa, polenta, soups, popcorn and even ice cream!. Here are... read more

Indian Inspired Summer Grilling

Summer is here !! Try something different this summer. Create an Indian inspired Salad to go with all your grilled meats. Eat Healthy and Happy Grilling!                                ... read more

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